Online Study Groups

Online Study Groups

Online students often feel left out when earning a degree. If you feel stressed and need support, forming online study groups can help you succeed.

Benefits of Study Groups

Study groups help facilitate a collaborative learning environment, which enables students to understand difficult concepts by talking them through with peers and requesting the instructor’s help when they need additional support. Study groups also benefit students when completing large assignments and projects. 

Connect With Classmates

Getting to know fellow online students is easier than many think. Most online courses provide access to the student roster and email information, which enables students to connect with peers via email and class discussion forums. Create a thread or post asking if anyone would like to join your study group. Keep in mind that small groups make the most efficient study groups.

Plan Regular Sessions

Online students can meet remotely to efficiently use their time. Online study groups should create a forum or chat room where group members can post questions and other members can respond. Chat rooms also give struggling students real-time support, permitting them to understand and process difficult concepts through a collaborative learning environment. If individual or group struggles persist, contact your instructor for additional instructional support.

Online study groups provide an excellent way to stay on top of difficult subjects and create open lines of communication with peers and instructors for a more collaborative learning environment.


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