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Using Social Networking at School

Using Social Networking at School

Social networking provides a universal tool for connecting and sharing personally, professionally and academically. Specifically, social networks allow online students to expand their network of contacts and get in touch with professors and peers for additional instructional support.

Facebook offers a valuable learning resource for online students, as it may be the best outlet for maintaining contact with and seeking academic support from instructors and peers. Facebook’s built-in tools and functions can help students throughout their online studies. Its group capability allows users to set up study groups in which members can post questions, links to additional study resources or even files, such as study guides and notes. When a question arises, the site’s instant message (IM) feature allows users to connect with peers in real time.

Communicating on Twitter gives students another easy way to connect with classmates. Users tweet 140-character messages and share links on this social platform. Using its search function, users can find information about a variety of topics and make new connections.

Benefits of College Social Networking

Social networking at school effectively builds your professional network while preparing you for a new future. Students can use social networking to gain knowledge of new business opportunities or to make valuable connections.

Remember to keep your social network content clean and professional to protect your integrity.

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