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Simple Ways to Cut Costs for College Students

Simple Ways to Cut Costs for College Students

While many of these spendthrift ideas might seem like common sense, they are all common pitfalls for college students. Here are some good tips:

  1. Eat In - Many college students believe they cannot cook, and thus they go out of their way to avoid doing so. They may hang out with friends at a local fast food establishment, or simply give a restaurant a great amount of business. There is nothing wrong with eating out every so often, but this is not a cheap venture. Those packaged burgers and plates of spaghetti can add up, causing a student to spend a lot of money. Instead of eating out, preparing a meal at home or the dorm is a good alternative. The meals can ensure that the student is eating healthy, and many recipes are easy to take on.

  2. Do Not Splurge - It is easy to become overwhelmed by products on the market when parents are not around to monitor spending. For the younger college students just starting out, the temptation to get their hands on the latest gadgets, clothing and so on is very strong. They can easily find themselves stuck in debt before they even realize what is going on. To cut back on costs for college, the student should exercise restraint. They do not have to buy every little thing that they see at the store or online.

  3. Walk to Class - If a student lives on campus, they may want to consider walking to class. Some people do not wish to do any walking at all, choosing to drive in their car even if their class is a short distance away. Not only can such a move waste gas, but it also means more money spent overall to refill the tank. Walking may take more time and imply that a student will need to leave for class earlier, but it is healthier and saves money.

  4. Buy Discounted Book or eBooks - When it comes to cutting back on expenses, buying discount text books is always an option. A student can easily find used text books online, should they choose to look. In some cases they could cut off more than half of the original price if it is not the latest edition. Some professors do not mind if a book is an older edition, so long as it contains the same information. If the student is learning through online classes they can look for online text books, also known as etext books. Making use of cheap text books ensures that more money is available for other things.

  5. Come Up With a Budget - Looking for used text books and taking advantage of text book coupons is always good, but a student should also come up with a special budget for the duration of their semester. Whether they are receiving an allowance from their parents or are working with a paycheck, this should still be done. They need to set a limit on how much money they spend on certain things. A certain amount can be set aside for entertainment, while another portion can be dedicated to food. It may not be easy, but it can make a huge difference.

  6. Make Your Own Entertainment - There is no reason for a student to spend all of their free time at the local theater or bar; not when they can make their own fun at home. Instead of spending money on movie tickets, they can take out a few movies from their personal collection and invite a select number of friends over. Instead of going from bar to bar, spending money on expensive drinks, they can take up a hobby such as sewing. There is no limit to the amount of activities that a student can take up, so long as they are legal in nature.


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