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Appetizing Food for Thought: Brain Food

Appetizing Food for Thought: Brain Food

College – whether online or on campus – focuses on nourishing the brain. So, while enriching your mind with knowledge and experiences that will lead to a successful career, eat foods that will lead to a sharp, focused and healthy brain.

Eat Smart on the Go

Eating habits impact levels of academic achievement and performance, but many times eating well is the last thing on your mind while juggling work, family, community and school commitments. Snacking can help keep you fueled throughout the day, giving you energy to focus on schoolwork. However, unhealthy snacks can cause your blood sugar to spike, resulting in a crash when you need energy most. The following snacks provide substantial nutrition for your brain.

  • Nuts are some of the best foods for the brain because they fortify your body and brain with nutrients such as vitamins B and E, protein, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Fruits contain essential antioxidants for healthy brain function.
  • • Staying hydrated keeps your brainpower up. Drinking water throughout the day keeps your brain and body hydrated, helping you to reach your maximum potential.

Best Foods for Studying

Unlike traditional students who often live on campus, online students have the luxury of studying from home. However, you should still be mindful of what you eat to maximize the effectiveness of your studying.

Cook balanced meals and avoid late night snacking. When you are hungry, opt for healthy snacks that will power your mind to its optimal level, such as yogurt, nuts, cereal, fruits and vegetables. If you need a caffeine kick, drink green tea instead of soda.

Staying focused on your schoolwork requires avoiding junk food. Processed sugar causes sleepiness, which zaps you of energy and motivation, so limit your consumption of candy, sodas and fast food.

Making healthy eating habits a lifestyle will help make your education a success.

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