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Making Education Part of Your Daily Routine: Online Study Skills

Making Education Part of Your Daily Routine: Online Study Skills

Adult students often choose distance learning programs to accelerate or transition their careers while maintaining their busy lifestyles, which include employment commitments, raising a family, being an active member of their community and more. Although online learning offers an accessible and convenient way to earn a degree, it demands a high level of commitment and focus. Excellent study skills, strategies, organization and dedication can help students pass with flying colors.

Parents Can Study Smarter

Parents’ schedules often include sports practices, school plays, scout troop meetings, PTA events and more, leaving little time to focus on studies. However, finding time during short breaks in a busy schedule to review lecture notes and read assignments can add up to quality study time.

  • Study during your child’s practice or lesson.
  • Keep notes and textbooks handy and use any bit of time to work on homework.
  • Listen to podcast lectures while waiting for doctor appointments or walking the dog.

Online Study Skills for the Employed

Full-time online students often work full time, so they have limited time to study. Take advantage of your lunch hour to study and get organized.

  • Read a chapter in your textbook or organize your notes.
  • Make flashcards as a study aid that you can use at home or on your next break.
  • Start an outline for your next big assignment or complete the rough draft you are working on.

Study Smarter at Home

Instead of trading chores for study time or vice versa, get both done at the same time.

  • Have your partner or older child quiz you while you cook or clean.
  • Tape flash cards around the house that you can quickly scan as you complete household chores.
  • Listen to recorded lectures or podcasts using an mp3 player.

Studying On the Road

Commuting to and from work is often the only time you have to yourself. Use it to listen to recorded lectures or podcasts.

Online Study Skills Start With Organization

No matter when you carve out time during the day to study, the key is staying organized. Print out your syllabus and mark important due dates in a planner or calendar to stay on track with courses. Create a designated study space at home where you can study free from distractions, and keep it stocked with supplies, including paper, pencils and pens.

By staying organized and following these study tips, you will find that you can efficiently use your time and successfully complete your online degree program.

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