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Your First Online Class Checklist

Your First Online Class Checklist

An online education offers an accessible, accelerated and affordable way to earn your college degree and propel your career forward. When you feel ready to take that next step, enroll in your first online class and follow this checklist to kick-start your college career with confidence!

  • Computer and Internet Setup: Distance learners must have access to a computer and the Internet. Most online courses are facilitated fully online, which means all lectures, discussions, coursework and tests take place virtually. Ensure you have a reliable Internet connection and consider updating your software. Install Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Office 2007 and upgrade your antivirus software.

  • Technical Support: Online programs do not require extensive technical skills for successful completion. If you can navigate the Internet and send and receive email, you can manage an online course with ease. Nevertheless, most online degree programs offer technical support around the clock for online students. Save the contact information so you can get in touch with someone if you run into a technical issue.

  • Syllabus: Your course syllabus will provide you with a detailed outline for your online course. Make note of important dates, including test dates and major project due dates. Your syllabus should also list textbooks and supplies you will need for your course. In addition, the syllabus will include course information, such as how grades are weighted, professor expectations and school policies.

  • Books and Supplies: Online courses require books and other supplies just like on-campus courses. Visit your institution’s campus bookstore to find the required textbooks for your course. You will likely need traditional school supplies, such as paper, folders and pens, as well.

Online learning provides a convenient alternative to a traditional degree and gives you more flexibility to maintain your busy lifestyle while earning your degree. Before you log on to your first online class, review this course checklist to prepare for a successful term.

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