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Navigating Your Online University

Navigating Your Online University

Online classes are easy to navigate, flexible, convenient and accessible for busy adult students.

Managing Your Learning

Many online colleges and universities use a learning management system (LMS) to manage their online courses. An LMS links professors, students, course managers and university administrators to a dynamic learning environment, such as Moodle, to participate in discussions, complete coursework and take exams.

Moodle uses a three-column layout; the center column contains the most-used widgets. Users look to this column for course announcements, student information and a list of courses. This column also contains system updates and announcements. Clicking on a course takes users to its Moodle course page, which showcases all relevant and recent course announcements, information and assignments in one location. Users can also view a course roster, which notes peers that are currently online, and view course material, helping to facilitate an interactive and collaborative learning environment.

One-Click Degree Access With Online Classes

Online courses give users one-click access to a degree, allowing users to work at their pace. Moodle and other LMS tools help users manage and keep pace with all assignments, lectures, discussion topics and exams.

Support for Classes Online

Online education encourages a collaborative learning environment. Students who want course support can communicate with peers via discussion boards, chat rooms and email. Professors are also available for students who need further educational support. In addition, many online universities offer 24/7 technical support for online students.

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