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Announcers Career

Career Description

Announcers Career

Confidence, strong vocals, adaptability and clear diction are some of the essential requirements in an announcer’s career. What is said and the way it is said creates a certain impact on TV and radio audiences. To create the right impression, an announcer must know the material thoroughly and say it with power, conviction and feeling. Forced content comes across as fake and weak.

Today’s audience is smart and can judge from your voice or body language if there is no feeling behind the material. Less enthusiasm and conviction would therefore mean failing to generate the desired effect in the audience. Thus, a lot of emphasis is laid on getting to know the material and gauging the psyche of the audience that an announcer is catering to. This is not something that is always instinctively known and so, requires formal training.

Work Duties

Work duties of an announcer can vary depending on the area of focus. The duties of a sports announcer may be entirely different from an announcer in the music field. Typically, announcers carry out various tasks on air as well as off air. These tasks may include researching material, preparing content or rehearsing for it, broadcasting information, interviewing guests, carrying discussions or commentary and taking requests from listeners or viewers. Mostly, announcers do not have regular shifts. Work hours are dependent on events or are limited to specific time periods which can include day shifts, night shifts, evening or weekend shifts.


Academic requirements may vary for announcers in different fields. Generally announcers have bachelor’s degrees in broadcasting, communication, journalism or another relevant field. Apart from this, courses or trainings in broadcasting, public speaking etc. are considered valuable and can help in building an announcer’s career.

Online Announcer Training Courses

There are many online announcer training courses available that focus on how to develop on-air and broadcasting skills. An announcer’s career depends on these skills and many individuals can enhance their careers by obtaining such formal trainings. These courses help them gain familiarity with new technologies used in this field and other announcing tips and techniques – all from the convenience of their homes.


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