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Camera Operator Career

Career Description

Camera operators are technical professionals who take care of film equipment. A camera operator makes use of TV, video, or motion picture cameras to shoot a wide range of material such as motion pictures, documentaries, studio programs and news. These professionals also work closely with actors, directors, and editors. In addition to this, cleaning, testing and maintaining equipment cpomes under their responsibility.

Job Opportunities and Salary

Camera operator career can be a lucrative one as job openings for these professionals are expected to increase by 10%. Students can pursue a wide array of jobs once they earn a degree in this field of specialization. They can work in independent television stations, local affiliate stations of major television networks or independent production companies. They can also find jobs in large cable and television networks. Camera operators can earn about $21,000 to $79,000 on an annual basis.

Education Requirements

To become a camera operator, you need to earn a degree. A number of programs are available that can help you get into this field. These include Associate of Science in Cinematography as well as bachelor’s degree in Cinematography. An associate’s degree takes 2 years to complete while a bachelor’s program spans over 4 years. Pursuing 1-2 year Master of Fine Arts in Production can also help you become a camera operator.


Enrolling in these programs helps you develop both creative and technical skills. In this degree, you will learn about lighting, directing and sound production. Other courses may include TV studio production, acting on camera, film making fundamentals, digital video processing and field video production. Advanced degree programs may cover topics like advanced sound and film editing, screenwriting and film history and aesthetics.

Online Programs

Degree programs for camera operators are also available online. The online programs are more flexible compared to regular degrees. Also, they give students a chance to complete a degree at their own pace. Students can attend classes from the comfort of their home and study at timings that suits their personal routine. The ones who want to switch to camera operator career can enroll in online degree while pursuing their employment.


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