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Commercial And Industrial Design Career

Career Description

Commercial and Industrial Design Career

Have you ever wondered who decides the look of a new car model or the shape of a shampoo bottle? All these products – commercial, domestic and industrial – are designed by commercial and industrial designers. They have an integral role in the manufacturing industry and usually work alongside other professionals such as researchers, manufacturers, and technicians. According to recent research, jobs for individuals seeking to pursue a commercial and industrial design career are expected to increase in the following years.


To build a commercial and industrial design career, you need to enroll in a Commercial and Industrial Designing degree program. Numerous art schools and colleges offer Commercial and Industrial Design degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Apart from bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, you can also enroll in short courses or certificate programs in this area. These qualifications are also offered online by many institutes.

A bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum qualification you need to begin a commercial and industrial design career. A master’s degree can give you a further boost in your career. The curriculum of these programs comprises a number of theoretical and practical courses. You will get to study the fundamentals of designing, creating manufacturing processes and research methodologies. Some other courses you will study may include:

  • Manufacturing and Client Specifications
  • Mechanical Functionality
  • Concept Design
  • Digital Model Design
  • Design Portfolios
  • Materials and Costing
  • Appliances

Commercial and Industrial Design Careers

A commercial and industrial designer is expected to create and design products according to client specifications and industry standards. With a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can build your commercial and industrial design career in a number of industries. Specialized design services, motor vehicle parts services, plastics products manufacturing, engineering services, and general purpose machinery manufacturing are some of the leading employers for these professionals nowadays. The minimum income you can expect in this career is approximately $35,000 per year. However, with extra certifications and work experience, your income level can go up to $85,000 per year.

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