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Dancing Careers

Career Description

Dancing Careers

Dance is one of the top art forms that are adopted by cultures all around the globe. It has evolved throughout history and has become a major component of the entertainment industry. Whether it is modern, contemporary, tap, ballet, or ballroom dancing, hundreds of individuals graduate in each field in hopes of pursuing successful dancing careers. A number of well reputed dance schools have emerged in recent years that provide dance qualifications at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Degrees in Dancing

Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Dance are geared towards preparing students for various dancing careers. Students enrolled in degree programs in dance will study both theoretical and practical courses. Some of the theoretical courses that the students will study might include:

  • The History of Dance;
  • Genres of Dance;
  • Terminology of Dancing;
  • Musicality and Thematic Structure; and
  • Dance Philosophy.

Along with these theoretical subjects, dance students also get a lot of practice in dancing. Dance students may practice different dance techniques and movements as well as classical, contemporary and modern dance routines.
Several specialization areas are also available in Dance and students can opt for them according to their interests, aptitude and career goals. These include Choreography, Dance Education, Performance, Studio Management, Musical Theater, Direction, and Teaching.

Dancing Careers

Not only is dance considered an integral component in the entertainment field, but is also gaining importance in the area of physical education. This means that dancing careers have also diversified and now include careers in dance performance, choreography, writing as well as teaching dance techniques as part of a fitness program. Dancing professionals may also include dance therapists, dance administrators and dance technologists.

The salary level will vary from job to job and will greatly depend upon experience. The most basic income one can earn in the dancing industry is approximately $30,000 per year. This can go up to $90,000 with more experience on the job. People with dancing careers may supplement their earnings by taking on more than one appointment. For instance, a professional ballet dancer may also teach ballet classes at a college or write about ballet.


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