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Editing Career

Career Description

Editing Careers

Editing can be described as the process of improving, amending, and correcting errors in writing. Professionals pursuing editing careers are known as editors and are responsible for reviewing and approving other writers’ work for publishing. Editors can be found in all kinds of organizations ranging from newspaper companies to magazine publishers, and from web content management firms to book publishing firms.


Becoming an editor requires an in depth understanding of writing techniques along with accredited qualifications at undergraduate or post graduate level. If you are interested in becoming an editor, you can opt for numerous academic paths to prepare yourself for an editing career. Foremost, it is important to have an aptitude for writing and an interest in the field. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in any writing-specific field, depending on your career goal. The most highly recommended specializations you can consider at bachelor level include English and communication, business, technical writing, literature and arts, journalism, or law.

The core aim of degree programs in editing is improving grammar, communication, and creativity skills among students. Some of the basic courses taught in these programs include Writing Techniques, History of Literature, Publication, Documentation, Effective Communication Techniques, and Composition. Students can earn these degree programs online through accredited distant education institutes, or enroll in regular campus-based programs.

Job Profile

Editing careers take patience, time, and hard work to reach a senior level. In the initial phase of this profession, most individuals must work under the supervision of senior editors and gain plenty of hands-on experience. The basic duties of an editor include researching, collecting material, analyzing and correcting writing, managing editing software, and reading manuscripts.


With a degree in this field, individuals can apply for jobs as editors at newspaper firms, magazine firms, book publishing firms etc. The salary level of editors depends greatly upon the organization, work experience, qualifications, and certifications. According to latest research, an editor can expect to make $25,000 annually upon entering the profession and can earn up to $54,000 per year with increased work experience.


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