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Floral Design Careers

Career Description

Floral Design Careers Overview

Floral designing is the art of using flowers and other plants to make beautiful and attractive compositions. Each piece of floral design is unique in its arrangement, design, texture, color, and rhythm.

The art of flower arrangements dates back to the Egyptian era. However, over time, floristry has become a profession with many specializations categorized by the different types of arrangements and by the sector one is working in. Interested candidates may also need professional training and education before entering the field.

How to Become a Floral Designer?

Candidates interested in becoming floral designers have a number of training and educational opportunities to select from. Applicants with a high school diploma can opt for a one year certificate program which provides basic knowledge of floristry and equips them with enough skills to enter the workforce as a beginner. On the other hand, candidates interested in choosing professional floral design careers can enroll in bachelor’s programs mostly followed by a master’s degree program. Students pursuing a career in floral design usually choose degrees like Fine Arts, Sculpture and Designing. The bachelor’s program takes four years to complete and provides students with comprehensive background information and an insight into the professional world. Some of the most renowned and accredited institutes also offer degrees leading up to this career as online distance learning programs. Online degree programs are very convenient for students since these can be completed from home at a pace that suits the student.

Benefits of Floral Design Careers

Graduates of floral designing programs have bright careers. They can expect to earn about $40,000 per year when they start their career. Earnings also depend on their area of specialization and the average salaries of florists increase as their experience increases. There are different types of floral design careers student can choose from. They may simultaneously work as wedding florists, event organizers, interior designers, corporate decorators and even funeral service providers. The portfolio of the candidates applying for jobs is of utmost importance as employers make their decision based on this. Some graduates may also start an entrepreneurial venture of their own by opening up a floral shop, starting an event management service or providing freelance services to clients.

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