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Graphic Designing Careers

Career Description

Graphic Designing Careers

Graphic Designers are creative professionals who create a visual impression to communicate a certain message to the consumers. They utilize various media like print, electronic, and film to get their message through by using different methods like illustration, photography and animation. They come up with advertisements, production designs and layouts for magazines, newspapers, and other publications. They may also produce promotional displays, packaging and marketing brochures.

Career Outlook

Pursuing graphic designing careers can be very rewarding as there are many available jobs for a student majoring in a graphic designing. You can work with specialized design services or for newspaper, book, and directory publishers once you obtain a degree in this area of study. Also, you can choose to find employment in advertising, printing and related support activities. The nature of the work can also allow you do acquire quite a few freelance projects. On average, you can earn between $25,000 and $72,000 annually in a graphic designing career.

Educational Requirements

To start pursuing Graphic Designing careers, interested individuals need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree. With this degree you can find entry level positions in this field, but if you want to qualify for senior level jobs, you must enroll in a master’s program. A bachelor’s degree typically takes 4 years to complete while master’s programs span over 1-2 years. If you take the online route, you can earn these degrees at your own pace.
Curricula in these programs include topics like Principles of Design, Computerized Design, Printing Techniques, and Website Design. Along with these core graphic designing courses, you may also be required to take several liberal arts courses such as those in Writing, Psychology, Marketing, and Business. By going through these courses, you will learn how to deal with clients, come up with creative and innovative designs and develop concepts.

Online Programs

A number of online schools also offer degrees in Graphic Design. Since these programs can be managed on the web, they can make an excellent degree pathway for students who cannot make it to regular classes due to personal or professional commitments. However, students should make sure that they enroll in accredited online schools only since degrees by non-accredited institutes are not recognized in the job market.

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