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Interior Designing Career

Career Description

Interior Designing Career

Interior designers are highly imaginative and creative individuals, not only beautifying a given space but also making it attractive, functional and safe for others. The profession is an amalgamation of creativity and business astuteness. Excelling in this career requires client satisfaction which means these professionals also need to be perceptive to their clients’ needs and wants. An interior designing career may become one of the most rewarding careers if professionals in the field adopt the right techniques and hard work. By understanding management strategies, interpersonal communication and artistic and technical requirements, an interior designer can excel beyond his/her contemporaries.

Educational Requirements

This field usually requires a bachelor’s degree. Although a degree in any discipline may suffice, it is important for potential interior designers to take courses in Drawing and Computer-Aided Design (CAD). However, not everyone has the time to take these courses at school due to work and family commitments. Fortunately, universities have started to offer interior designing courses online for both professional and amateur interior designers.

Benefits of Taking Interior Designing Courses Online

A wide variety of interior designing courses are now available online and offer study from home opportunities - ideal for individuals who need certification in interior designing. These courses may be cheaper in comparison to those offered on campus. Students also save money in terms of not having to buy many school supplies and transportation. Furthermore, some universities offer their students to take some courses online and others on campus which is ideal for those who are looking for an amalgamation of theory and practice. All in all, obtaining a certificate or degree in interior designing online may be an excellent decision.

Interior Designing Career Outlook

As the economy grows, so does the profession of interior designing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the profession will grow at 19% by 2020 which is an average speed. The same source also gives the average annual salary of interior designers to be $46,280 in 2010. However, earnings may vary greatly and increase with experience.

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