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Business Executive Career

Business executives who are at the upper management level may include chief executive officer, chief operating officer and chief financial officer. These professionals are responsible for establishing goals and implement initiatives for the organization. They also devise strategies and formulate policies to ensure that both short term and long term objectives are met. These professionals oversee executives who direct activities of different departments which usually include hiring, purchasing, training and controlling quality. Business executives are responsible for directing organization’s financial goals, objectives, and budgets as well.

Job Outlook and Salary

As employment in this field is expected to grow, pursuing business executive career can lead you to a number of lucrative opportunities. Completing a program in business, finance or management can help you find work as a chief executive officer, chief operating officer, general manager, president, chief financial officer or chief information officer. You can earn about $97,570 to $145,000 on an annual basis. The exact salary depends on the type of job and the size of the organization.

Education Requirements

If you want to get into a business executive career, you must earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, finance or management. In these programs you may cover courses like accounting, management, building relationships, project management and more. The ones who want to find the top level management positions must obtain degrees such as Master of Business Administration or Masters of Science in Finance. These advanced degrees can be earned in 1-2 years. Students who want to get into a specific industry must take relevant courses.

Online Programs

Other than regular degrees, online programs are also available to help you establish a career as a business executive. These programs are highly flexible, which makes them a great learning opportunity for all. Particularly, if you are already working and want to upgrade your skills to qualify for more rewarding opportunities or if you want to make a career switch, the online degree programs can be highly suitable. They allow you to learn and complete a program at your own pace and schedule, without making any major changes to your existing routine. Distance learning programs are also more cost effective when compared to regular degrees.


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