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Claims Adjusters And Appraisers Career

Career Description

In the field of insurance and claims management, claims adjusters have acquired an integral position. These are professionals who evaluate insurance claims and investigate insurance cases, providing information on whether an insurance company should pay a claim or not. Many students are opting for financial management degrees in hopes of pursuing this career. The US Bureau Labor of Statistics has estimated an average growth in this profession in the coming few years.
Education for Claims adjusters and Appraisers

To become a claims adjuster or an appraiser, it is important to acquire higher education in this field. Numerous colleges and universities specialize in providing a range of financial management and insurance degree programs. These are usually available at associate level, bachelor level, and master’s level. Students can also opt for short diploma programs and certificate programs in this academic field. Although a diploma and a GED certificate is enough to get you an entry level job as a claims adjuster, but employers prefer hiring individuals who have earned at least a bachelor degree.
Program Structure

Degree programs in insurance and risk management comprise of a number of short courses that cover every aspect of this academic principle. Bachelor’s degree programs usually entail basic level courses whereas a graduate degree will include more advanced level courses. Most of the courses are theory based and are geared towards providing students with in depth knowledge. On the other hand, students will also encounter quantitative subjects that will enhance their problem solving and practical skills. Some important subjects students are most likely to encounter in these programs are US legal history, legal philosophy, financial management, life and health insurance, commercial liability risk, business writing, and business statistics.
Career Prospects

Individuals pursuing a claims adjusters and appraisers career can look forward to a challenging and equally rewarding job environment. The basic tasks included in this career include processing claims, interviewing parties, writing reports, negotiating, examining and investigating claims, and estimate value of insured items. An insurance claims adjuster can make a handsome salary between $31,000 and $68,000 annually. This figure will be influenced by factors such as the level of degree earned, employer/organization, experience, and certifications.


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