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Management Analysts

Career Description

Management analysts are also referred to as management consultants or administrative services managers. These professionals analyze and propose ways to perk up an organization’s profits, efficiency or structure. They also review and analyze information to make suggestions to managers. Their jobs responsibilities include defining the nature and extent of the problems and providing credible analysis. Management analysts are also responsible for building and solving mathematical models as well.

Occupational Outlook

A career as management analyst can be very rewarding because job opportunities in this are expected to increase by 22% in the next few years. As a management analyst you may find employment in management, scientific, and technical consulting services. Moreover, you can also work in state government, federal executive branch or multinational organizations. You can earn about $41,000 to $131,000 annually once you have earned a degree in this field.

Educational Requirements

To get into this field you must have a master’s degree in business administration or related disciplines, but education requirements for this occupation may vary by industry. Some employers also hire individuals with bachelor’s degrees while others call for additional years of experience in this field. Regardless of the education level, you are required to major in finance, business administration, accounting or economics.


Going through these programs will help you learn about risk management, options pricing, corporate budgeting and financial analysis. Financial management analysts also require a license depending on their job responsibilities. The license for these professionals is managed by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Certifications are available through the Chartered Financial Analysts and the Association for Financial Professionals.

Online Programs

If you want to pursue a career as management analyst but you cannot attend regular classes, there is nothing to worry about - online programs are also available in this field. A number of distance learning schools offer degrees for management analysts. These programs are self paced. Also, they allow you to study at your own schedule. The flexibility and convenience of these programs makes them an ideal learning option if you are looking for a career switch and become a management analyst while continuing your employment.

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