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Marketing Specialist Career

Career Description

Marketing Specialists determine the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors and identify potential customers. They develop pricing strategies with the goal of maximizing the firm’s profits or share of the market while ensuring the firm’s customers are satisfied. Marketing Specialists oversee product development or monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services.

Common Work Tasks

  • Identify, develop, and evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors
  • Formulate, direct and coordinate marketing activities and policies to promote products and services
  • Consult with product development personnel on product specifications such as design, color, and packaging
  • Initiate market research studies and analyze their findings
  • Perform marketing and public relations activities
  • Develop pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfaction
  • Compile lists describing product or service offerings
  • Coordinate and participate in promotional activities and trade shows
  • Write reports and make presentations

Other Job Titles

Marketing Specialists are also known by other titles,  including:

  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Advertising Managers
  • Consultant
  • Sales Managers
  • Product Promoters
  • Promotions Managers

Education,  Training, and Experience

Education and Training
  Some employers prefer a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing. Familiarity with word-processing and database applications is important for most positions. Computer skills are vital because marketing, product promotion, and advertising on the Internet are increasingly common.

      The completion of an internship while the candidate is in school is highly recommended. Additionally, Marketing Specialists should be mature,  creative, highly motivated, resistant to stress, flexible, and decisive. The ability to communicate persuasively, both orally and in writing, with other staff and the public is vital. Marketing Specialists also need tact, good judgment, and exceptional ability to establish and maintain effective personal relationships with supervisory and professional staff members and client firms.


The median annual salary of marketing specialists is $104,400. The top 10 percent earn more than $145,000, and the lowest 10 percent earn less than $53,000.  Median earnings in the industries employing the largest number of marketing specialists are:

  • Management of Companies and Enterprises - $117,410
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services - $130,200
  • Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services - $121,160
  • Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services - $106,320
  • Depository Credit Intermediation - $104,100

Job Outlook

  • 2006-2016 Employment growth:  14%
  • Number of new jobs created 2006-2016: 24,000
  • Employment 2006 : 167,000
  • Employment 2016:  192,000
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