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Stock Broker Career

Career Description

Being a stock broker

Stock markets are a buzzing place, full of activity where the only talk is that of money, business and finances. In the midst of all of this is the job of a stock broker who understands the fluctuations of the market, business trends and remains in touch with the pulse of the market at all times. It is the stock broker who is responsible for the financial transactions, the buying and selling of shares and stocks on behalf of the client and earns a percentage on the profits. A stock broker is essentially responsible for making the right decisions at the right time. The job is a challenging one that demands vigilance, quick, smart decisions that comes with understanding of the financial markets.

Pursuing a stock broker career

For those who are interested in a stock broker career, the most important factor that you need to consider is to have the right aptitude as it is quite a competitive market out there. Personality traits like being an analytical thinker can go a long way.

Academic qualifications

It is important to have knowledge of subjects like economics, mathematics and statistics that can help build a foundation. Therefore in high schools such subjects can be taken up. Mostly stock brokers hold a bachelor’s degree in finance, business administration and business management etc. The course typically deals with comprehensive study of financial markets, economics, risk management, accounting practices, investment plans, insurance policies and related subjects.
Internships during studies can help get practical experience. It is also imperative for students to clear the General Securities Registered Representative Examination also known as Series 7 license. To clear this test that is administered by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) a four month employment experience is also required. As certain duration of experience is required to get a license, stock brokers are often hired without licenses and are expected to get it while on the job.

Online courses

Many people also prefer to pursue online courses, diplomas and degree that can train them for a stock broker career as it is more convenient because of the flexible mode of studying. With so many online courses one can easily check the curriculum, compare the subjects and find out if it complements the students career choice and can help them improve their employment prospects.


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