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Federal Agent Career

Career Description

Who are Federal Agents?

Federal agents are individuals are servants of the US government within the capacity of law enforcement. Becoming a federal agent is a prestigious career option since it offers several perks and benefits other than the monetary compensation. Federal agents are given a special kind of respect and love by the society as they are the guardians of the community. There are different types of specializations one can choose from when planning to pursue a federal agent career.

How to Become a Federal Agent?

There are different ways of becoming a federal agent. Candidates can apply to the Federal Bureau of Investigation right after completing their high school. Applicants who display the right qualities and skills are selected, educated, and trained under the supervision of FBI. Therefore, it is ideal for candidates to apply right after completing high school. However, individuals who cannot make it after high school can enroll in a bachelor’s program for Homeland Security, Criminal Justice, Investigation or any other law enforcement related area of specialization. The bachelor’s program can be followed by a professional level master’s degree where the candidates specialize in one concentration area such as homeland security, criminal cases, and/or homicides. Once their professional education is complete, candidates can once again apply to different agencies such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and sit for the relevant exam. Chances of selection of students with professional degrees become higher with the relevant educational background and experience in the field.

Students who cannot attend campus based schools may enroll in online programs in order to make their way into a federal
agent career

Prerequisites to Becoming a Federal Agent

Candidates who have selected a federal agent career need to make sure certain things are in place before applying for a position in the law enforcement section of the United States government. Foremost, it is mandatory that the applicant is a legal United States’ citizen and has a valid social security number. He/she must not have a criminal record and should also meet certain mental and physical requirements of the federal agencies.

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