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Education Administrators

Career Description

Administrators in educational institutes are managerial level professionals who handle all kinds of administrative affairs. These professionals are integral to the education network as they ensure efficiency and smooth running of office operations. Principal, dean, and academic officer are a few examples of administrative job positions.

Academic Path to Becoming an Education Administrator
In many cases it is seen that teachers acquire further education and advance in their career by becoming education administrators. So the key degrees needed for this career include a bachelor degree in education, and a master’s degree in education administration. A bachelor degree is a four year program that will help you learn about the American education system and teaching methodologies. On the other hand, a graduate level degree is a more advanced academic program. It will provide more career oriented knowledge and focus on technical skills needed for managerial level job positions.

Licensing is a very important requirement for this occupation. You need at least a bachelor level degree top apply for a teaching license. Each state has its own requirements teaching, you must fulfill your state’s license requirements and clear the examination to receive a license.

Education Administrator Career
Education administrators manage all kinds of administrative functions in institutes. They interact with all level employees, ranging from teachers to board members, and from parents to external stakeholders. Their key goal is to set objectives for the organization and make sure those goals are met within time. Some other major job duties include supervising managers, assisting committees and recruitment, quality assurance and setting quality standards, managing budgets, liaising with partners institutes, policy planning, drafting regulations and ensuring their implementation, and managing information flow. Administrator careers demand knowledge and skills, a few include communication skills, business writing skills, critical analysis skills, problem solving skills, management skills, and evaluation skills.

Future Prospects
According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, education administrators’ jobs are likely to grow at a rate of 19%. The income level for education administrators ranges from $27,000 to $101,000. Many teachers have worked their way up to becoming an experience education administrator. The starting salary is usually less, but increases with job experience.

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