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Discover the possibilities with an engineering career

Discover the possibilities with engineering careers

Careers in engineering offer tech-savvy professionals lucrative and rewarding work. The broad engineering field offers tremendous opportunities to find the right career. Browse through these engineering careers to discover a job that works for you.

Popular Engineering Careers

Engineer: Engineers apply scientific and mathematical principles to solve technical problems. Their work links scientific discoveries and commercial applications to meet societal and consumer needs. Types of engineering include mechanical, civil, industrial, environmental and more. Ideal candidates possess sharp mathematical and computer skills and are creative, inquisitive and detail-oriented.

    • Growth rate: 19%
    • Median annual salary: $77,560

Drafter: Drafters prepare technical drawings and plans to build manufactured products, such as toys, toasters, industrial machinery and spacecraft, and structures, such as houses, office buildings and oil and gas pipelines. Ideal candidates possess visual aptitude and mechanical ability.

    • Growth rate: 6%
    • Median annual salary: $47,880

Engineering Technician: Engineering technicians use scientific, engineering and mathematical principles and theories to solve technical problems in research and development, manufacturing, sales, construction, inspection and maintenance. Engineering technicians’ work is more narrowly focused and application-oriented than the work of scientists and engineers. Ideal candidates possess strong mathematical aptitude and good communication skills.

    • Growth rate: 12%
    • Median annual salary: $46,290
(Data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
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