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Electrical Drafter Career

Career Description

Electrical Drafter Career

Electrical drafting can be described as developing technical drawings for various electrical wiring systems. There are three categories of electrical drafting: commercial, industrial, and consumer. With the increase in technology, prospects for an electrical drafter career are also very bright. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has also depicted a high percentage of growth in this occupation.


Electrical drafting occupations require individuals with technical expertise and certifications. Interested individuals can opt for various academic paths that lead to a rewarding electrical drafter career. Students can enroll in a degree program at an associate or bachelor level after completing high school. These programs fall in the category of undergraduate education and are offered by a number of colleges and technical schools. On the other hand, technical schools also offer short courses in this area, ranging from certificate programs to diploma programs. Individuals can also pursue electrical drafting education online through accredited online schools.

In an Electrical Drafting degree program, students will learn how to draft, design, implement, resolve, and interpret diagrams for various electrical systems. The curriculum entails subjects that develop concepts among students and gives them a thorough understanding of relevant areas. Electrical Drafting degree programs also provide students with immense hands-on experience through practical subjects. Some of the most important subjects individuals will come across in these programs include the following:  

  • CAD
  • Plan development
  • Mechanical systems
  • Procedures for construction public health and safety
  • Fundamentals of construction development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Electrical technology

Career Outlook and Job Description

An electrical drafter can apply for jobs in numerous public and private organizations. These professionals will be expected to perform basic duties such as designing electrical systems according to specifications, drawing master sketches, working on order requests, collaborating with engineers and other experts, and assembling wiring systems. The average income in this field ranges between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. The exact level of income will depend upon factors such as certifications, experience, and type of organization. Keen individuals can look forward to a challenging and very rewarding
electrical drafter career.


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