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Electronics Drafter Career

Career Description

Electronics Drafter Career

Numerous organizations producing electrical products require the services of electronics drafters. Professionals pursuing an electronics drafter career plan electrical and wiring systems for products. An electronics drafter will thus have expert knowledge in this area and will be expected to work with related professionals such as architects and CAD designers. The occupation of electrical drafters is expected to experience a boost in the coming years due to increased integration of technology in all businesses.

Electronics Drafting Education

To become an electronics drafter, it is important that you acquire higher education with specialization in electronics drafting. There are a number of academic paths you can pursue that lead to this career. You can acquire graduate education in electrical drafting, or earn certificate programs that reflect your expertise in the area. A few of the degree programs offered in this field include the following:

  • Associate’s degree in Electrical Drafting
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Technology with a specialization in Electronics Drafting
  • Master’s degree in Electrical Drafting
  • Certificate program in Electrical Drafting
  • Diploma program in Electrical Drafting

These programs are geared towards preparing students for an electronics drafting career. Each program has a specific duration, admission criteria, and completion requirements. The program you opt for will depend on your preference, financial health, and academic objective. These qualifications can also be earned online.

In an electrical drafting program, you will be required to study a number of topics, each covering a specific area of the academic field. You will encounter subjects such as technical writing, computer drafting, mechanical systems, architectural drafting, plan development, wiring systems, technology and electronics, and procedures of construction. These courses are usually taught in classroom environments and technical laboratories that allow students to gain hands-on experience.
Skill Development

An electronics drafter career requires individuals to not only have a sound conceptual knowledge, but also have a wide skill set. Some of the skills these individuals will develop include drawing/sketching skills, mechanical skills, analytical skills, troubleshooting skills, teamwork skills, decision making skills, and communication skills.


An electronics drafter can make a handsome salary in this occupation, approximately $43,000 per year. The income level can increase with more experience and credentials.


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