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Landscape Architecture Career

Career Description

Landscape Architecture as a Field

A landscape architecture career is a unique and creative profession. Landscape architects must possess all qualities necessary for the analysis, design, management, planning, preservation and rehabilitation of land. People who are interested in working in this career usually have a passion for nature, a creative mind and skilled hands. Generally, landscape architects find themselves working on more than one project at a time. Many professionals may also have to put in extra hours over the weekend as the number of their projects grows.

Landscape architects are employed to work on a number of projects namely neighborhood parks, school grounds, sports fields, cemeteries, malls, worship spaces or any other type of outdoor places that people want to develop, beautify and maintain. Sometimes landscape architects even delve into much more intricate projects like historic preservation, or urban and regional planning.

Educational Requirements

In order to enter into the field of landscape architecture, it is preferred that you have a master’s or at least a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. A bachelor’s degree can take between four to five years to complete while a master’s degree demands an additional two to three years. After completion of these programs, graduates have to work very hard to build their portfolio and repute in the industry. They may do this by completing internships, training and obtaining certifications and licensure. To complete licensure and for practice, it is essential for every aspiring landscape architect to pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E).

Professional Advancement

Landscape architects may eventually find themselves promoted and working as project managers. In this capacity, they would be responsible for tasks like budgeting, scheduling and looking over the projects being carried out. Sooner or later, they may also find themselves working as associates or partners of a proprietary interest business. People who have a base in landscape architecture may also find jobs in other related fields and with some experience, may also be employed as construction supervisors, environmental planners or landscape consultants. Others who feel that they have great marketing skills as well as a knack for business may venture into starting their own landscape businesses.

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