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Chiropractic Career

Career Description

Chiropractic medicine is a one of the most rapidly growing alternative health care sectors today. By focusing on the issues arising from the misalignment of the vertebrae, chiropractors treat patients with muscular, nervous and other bodily dysfunctions. The belief held by this all-natural, holistic approach to treatment is, that when the spinal column and the rest of the nervous system are in discord, the functions of the rest of the body are adversely affected.
Also referred to as doctors of chiropractic or chiropractic physicians, they specialize in areas such as:

·  Nutrition
· Diagnostic imaging,
·  Pediatrics
·  Sports injuries
·  Orthopedics
·  Neurology
·  Internal disorders.

Every year in the US, around 1.5 million people visit these natural healers who help patients without drugs or surgery. They promote lifestyle changes which include diet, exercise and sleeping patterns that help bring about wellness.

Education and career options:

A Doctor of Chiropractic is a four year degree which allows these healers to work in the capacity of:

·  Solo practitioner
·  Sports team or a fitness facility chiropractor
·  Researcher
·  Educator
·  Hospital staff

By completing an associate degree (two years) in the subject, individuals can be employed as clinical or technical assistants.
Enrollment in most chiropractic programs requires at least 90 hours of undergraduate study credit in courses such as physics, psychology, organic as well as inorganic chemistry and biology. Some states require individuals to complete a bachelor’s degree before they enter the 4 year DC degree program offered by a chiropractic college.

The tuition costs of a DC degree vary from $11,000 to $20,000 depending on the school. The reason for this wide range is that some educational institutes operate all year round while others run for 9 months.


All states necessitate a license for chiropractors to practice. National as well as state boards test individuals before awarding this license. Generally speaking, state boards precondition a two year associate degree but there are many which mandate a full (4 year) degree from an accredited chiropractic school.
Those pursuing the chiropractic career, earn salaries ranging from $68,791 to $103,218, per year. Typically the self-employed practitioners earn more than those employed otherwise. 


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