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Funeral Director Career

Everything You Need to Know About Funeral Directing and Online Education

You might not have guessed that you could earn a degree in funeral directing through distance learning; however, the truth can be surprising.  Funeral directing-also known as funeral service and mortuary science-is a growing field in online education. These online programs can actually offer different types of accreditation, ranging from degree completion to certification. Since each state requires it own form of certification, online education programs have risen to the occasion by offering certification through specially tailored online courses. 

Online courses in funeral services and mortuary science are typically broken down into a two set of requirements—general education and core elements.  General education courses ensure students are receiving a well-rounded education in several supporting fields, as well as build on the basics for later, advanced courses.  Meanwhile, core classes consist of specialized fields, such as: anatomy, physiology, embalming, business management, accounting and client services.   Most online programs in funeral directing can take students between two to four years to complete depending on the type of accreditation being sought. 

In many cases, online degree programs versus online certification programs in funeral directing will require additional hours of field experience to supplement coursework. Degree seeking students are assigned to a local funeral home where they are able to gain practical experience in a variety of funeral services. In more select cases, funeral directing students work with medical schools programs in order to refine their skills and knowledge of embalming and anatomy. If given this notable opportunity, you will get the chance to work with knowledgeable professors, professional doctors and research specialists in state of the art facilities.

In every state, funeral directors must have a proper license. In order to earn this distinction, you much have or completed the following requirements: be at least 21 years of age, have completed at least two years of formal education, and served a one year apprenticeship in a funeral home, medical school program or other affiliated program.  Lastly,  funeral director candidates must pass an exam in order to receive a fully licensed status.

Certification requirements and curriculum for this degree can prove to be quite strenuous for students. However, keep in mind exactly what a funeral director does.  A funeral director has a breadth of required tasks, which can include consoling the family of the deceased, assisting in funeral arrangements and handling all of the legal paperwork (i.e. death certificate).  Embalming and body preparation also makes up a large portion of a funeral director’s job responsibilities.  As an embalmer, funeral directors work to restore and preserve the body, so it can be viewed during the service.  Ultimately, the embalmer is trying to capture an image of the deceased-one that the loved ones will always be able to remember.

While funeral directing may not be a job you dreamt of as a child, it is truly a fulfilling career that receives considerable compensation. If you are interested in learning more, check out our online funeral directing program.

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