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Health Education Careers

Career Description

Health Education Careers
Health educators instruct and inform people about health and wellness issues, helping them lead a healthy life and keeping safe from disease. In addition, these professionals guide people about the importance of exercise and nutrition. They may organize classes and lectures and plan programs to promote health. Health educators may also work closely with physicians, nurses, and other staff to create educational programs or materials which may be used for large scale health campaigns.

Career Prospects

If you are looking for a career switch, an occupation in health education can be a great choice. This is because job opportunities in community and public health education are expected to grow by 26% which means you will probably be able to find rewarding opportunities once you earn a degree in Health Education. Health education careers can be made in various settings such as general, medical and surgical hospitals or individual and family services. Local government, colleges, universities, and professional schools also have jobs for health educators. You can expect to earn about $43,000 to $76,000 on
an annual basis in this field.

Educational Requirements

Students who want to pursue health education careers generally need a bachelor’s degree but some positions may require a master’s degree. A bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete while students can earn a master’s degree in 1-2 years. Students may also need to earn a certificate of Health Education Specialists. Courses explored in these programs may include Sociology and Psychology of Health, The Healthcare System, Environmental Health, and Health Across the Lifespan. Other subjects may include topics related to exercise, healthy eating, alternative medicine, and disease prevention. 

Online Programs

Working professionals who cannot attend regular classes and want to become a health educator can enroll in online degrees and achieve their educational goals from the comfort of their homes. These programs are self paced thus allowing the students to study with a flexible schedule. Online programs can also be a great learning option for students who reside in remote areas and cannot make it to regular schools.

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