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Substance Abuse And Behavioral Disorder Counselors Career

Career Description

Being a substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor

Sitting down listening to people who have difficult problems and then trying to make sense of it all is not an easy job. And this is not all a substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors’ job entails. Behavior patterns are hard to break, even if it is your own that you wish to change. You may have the will and the motivation but that may not guarantee success. Keeping this in mind, it can be assumed how tough being a behavioral disorder counselor can be. It needs proper training, qualification as well as experience to handle the work responsibilities that come along with this job.

Pursuing substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors career

If you wish to pursue substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor’s career, it is important to understand the link between the two. Substance abuse and behavioral disorder is always connected. It is often people with weak or difficult personalities who resort to substance abuse as a means of escape. They form relationships with drugs, alcohol or develop negative behavior patterns consciously and unconsciously which harms them. In order to help, a lot of patience is required. In addition to the personality traits such as ability to listen, develop trust, observation and being analytical can be useful.
Academic qualifications
It is important to have a bachelor’s degree with subjects like psychology, social work etc that provide the necessary background. However, to become a counselor it would require further education in this discipline and a master’s degree that can qualify you for a license. A master’s degree deals with giving a comprehensive study on behavior patterns, psychological stressors, tracing the roots of problems with different therapies and methods, assessing substance abuse and its dependence. After a master’s program a license can be applied for that requires completion of specified duration of practical experience. After clearing the NCE (National Counselor Examination for Certification and Licensure) you can work as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). 

Online courses

Apart from traditional on campus study programs those interested in substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors career can also check various online study options in this regard. The different courses, diplomas, degree programs aim to give in depth study of theoretical concepts of psychology and behavioral disorders. Having the right qualification can ensure a promising career.


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