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Air Traffic Controller Career

Career Description

Air traffic controller

People are travelling all the time, which means  thousands of planes are out there in the skies 24/7.  When we fly, it is not just a pilot who gets us in the air but there are many behind the entire process that ensures safe flights as we travel allover the world. Just like a proper traffic system on roads, there is an air traffic system with air traffic controllers. The job of air traffic controller is to regulate air traffic, making sure that flights are at a safe distance from one another and assist them in landing and take off safely. The job responsibilities of an air traffic controller demands vigilance, therefore personality traits such as decisiveness, ability to absorb details quickly and to be mentally alert are essential.

Becoming an air traffic controller

Individuals pursuing air traffic controller career can opt for associate or bachelor’s degrees approved by Federal Aviation Administration. In order to pursue these programs, it is necessary for studenst to have a high school education. As most of the air traffic controller’s work for FAA, it is necessary to comply with their requirements that include medical examination and a background check. An air controller education program deals with giving an understanding of air navigation methods, aviation safety, aircrafts technology, aerodynamics, aviation meteorology and such related subjects. An associate’s degree programs with internships and practical experience can be quite helpful in getting an individual in this career.  Bachelor’s degree is more comprehensive and can get individuals better positions. The job of air traffic controller is an attractive one that promises many benefits and impressive salaries.

Work Duties

Work duties of an air controller can vary. Generally they are responsible for monitoring aircraft locations and making sure they are at a safe distance from eachother. It is important to keep pilots informed, monitor weather conditions and giving prompt warnings if there are any risks. In addition to this, they are responsible for observing planes through radar and directing planes on the runway before taking off.

Employment Outloook

Being an air traffic controller is not only challeging but can also be lucrative. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these professioanals can earn somewhere in the range of $ 25,000 per year. There is huge potential for students interested in this program.


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