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Aviation Careers

Career Description

Aviation is an exciting and rewarding field that involves jobs related to flying. Students can become a pilot, airplane manager or get into airplane maintenance, airline, airport management, or Aviation safety. They can also opt to become an aeronautical engineer.

The job responsibilities in aviation careers vary by the type of program one pursues. For example, aircraft pilots pilot and navigate the flight of multi-engine aircraft for the transport of passengers and cargo. They also inspect the aircraft to ensure that the engines and other systems are working properly. They are responsible for making sure that baggage is loaded correctly as well.

Job Outlook

Employment opportunities in this field are expected to grow by 13% in the near future. This is why Aviation careers can be very lucrative. Pursuing a program in this field can help you become a pilot, researcher, technical person or Aviation manager. You can earn from $46,000 to $145,000 on an annual basis.

Education Requirements

If you want to get into Aviation, you need to earn an associate, bachelor or master’s degree in this field. You can focus your studies in a particular area within this field such as airplane management or Aviation safety. Also, MBA programs and engineering programs are available. Some Aviation jobs require additional trainings and licensure. Depending on your own choice, you can get into programs such as Associate in Science Degree in Aviation Business Administration, Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Business Administration or MBA in Aviation.

Some of the courses you will study in Aviation programs include airport security, managing international flights and aircraft electrical systems. Systems on aircraft, aviation safety, health and law as well as finances are also covered in some programs. You may also learn about operations research, marketing and employee management. In addition, you will get to know how to prepare planes for flight and perform pre-flight checks.

Online Programs

Online Aviation degrees are also available. If you want to get into this field but cannot attend regular classes, online programs can be a great option for you. These programs are very flexible - you can study at your own schedule and earn a degree in Aviation at your own pace.

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