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Child Care Worker Career

Career Description

A Child Care Worker career involves nurturing and caring for children in the absence of parents and family members. These workers take care of the basic needs of the children under their care such as bathing and feeding. Additionally they are also responsible for organizing activities which promotes physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth of children.
Responsibilities and Tasks

These professionals are required to perform the following tasks
·  plan and carry out activities which stimulates and promotes the mental and physical growth of children
·  observe and record the progress of children and keep parents or guardians  aware of new developments
·  observe the personal needs of individual children and modify their learning environment to meet their needs
·  take care of basic needs of children such as toileting, eating, sleeping and dressing
·  observe and shape the behavior and social development of children
·  teach them how to socialize
Personal Skills Needed

Working as a child care worker can be challenging work and requires personal skills such as being a keen observer, a good judge, responsible, someone who takes initiatives, be friendly but firm and have excellent interpersonal skills.
Educational Requirements

Educational requirements for a child care worker career differ from state to state. Some states only require a high school diploma while others require a community college course or college degree in child development or early childhood education. Requirements for home child care providers are generally less for those in formal child care centers.
However, requirements also depend on the employer. Some employers prefer child care workers who have received the Child Development Associate or the Certified Childcare Professional training from a recognized institute along with experience.

Most states require child care centers to be formally licensed if they have more than a few children. In order to obtain the license, staff are trained in basic first aid and health issues as well as in child development. A background check on the staff is also required. 

The average salary for a child care worker as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics was around $19,000 per year with an expected growth rate of 20% in jobs from 2010-2020.


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