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Curator Career

Career Description


If you love history and are fascinated with objects that have aesthetic or historical significance, then you can find satisfaction in a curator career. It is these objects that speak of the cultural heritage and serve as a connection with the past. Taking care of them demands commitment and requires an understanding of the significance of such heritage. Therefore those who have a strong interest in this area are the ones who go for it as a career.

How to pursue a curator career

The job becomes more of a passion rather than a duty for those who are interested in preserving what ancient civilizations left.  The responsibility to take care of these artworks and unique objects demands research, evaluation, and understanding of the collections. In addition to this, it requires preservation and promotion to bring them before the world in all their glory. Usually curators work at museums and historical sites where these collects are exhibited.

The management of the museum items requires a certain level of training and qualification. The level of qualification is depends on the job or position one holds and the place where the individual is hired. Mostly it is preferred for candidates to have a background in subjects such as history, arts, museum studies, archeology or business administration. A bachelor’s degree can get an individual a job as a curator at small museums. For positions in big museums a master’s degree or at times a doctoral degree may be required. Such museums demand people with a high level of understanding of their job to be able to manage and store these pieces.  Experience is also given consideration for higher positions and that is the reason curators start interning while they are studying.

Online courses

Apart from traditional on campus courses for curators, one can also look for online courses that can help students pursue a curator career. The courses often focus on art history, museums practices, and preservation and promotion techniques. With academic qualifications and a passion to match you can make a career out of an activity you truly enjoy.


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