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Sales Representative Careers

Career Description

Sales Representative Careers

Sales representatives are responsible for making wholesale and retail buyers interested in different products. They also provide information to clients and answer their queries. Demonstrating products is also a part of their job. Other common work tasks include staying abreast with new products and the changing needs of customers. These professionals may also attend conferences, trade shows, and meetings to review sales performance and sales goals.

Career Outlook

Pursuing sales representative careers can be a great idea as job opportunities in this field are expected to grow by 9% from 2006 to 2016. Sales representatives can work as professional and commercial equipment and supplies wholesalers or drugs and druggists’ products wholesalers. They can also serve in selling computer systems design and related services. Depending on their own choice, they can even work in electrical and electronic goods wholesalers. These professionals can earn between $36,000 and $128,000 on an annual basis.

Educational Requirements

Even though you do not need formal education to become a sales representative, earning a bachelor’s degree can help give a boost to your career. Some sales representative careers, such as technical and scientific product sales representative careers, need a compulsory bachelor’s degree. Employers prefer to hire qualified individuals who can well understand complex products and selling principles.
A bachelor’s degree in Marketing can help you find highly rewarding jobs in this field. In this program, you will cover a number of topics such as buyer behavior, marketing management and strategy, global marketing and advertising, and promotion and advertising. An associate’s degree in marketing and sales can also help you in entering this field. In this program, you will learn about marketing communication, business technology, business in a global economy, basic financial accounting and personal sales and service marketing.
Attending seminars in sales techniques can also help you learn the skills essential to become a sales representative.

Online Programs

Students who want to pursue sales representative careers can also choose to enroll in online programs. Since these are more flexible than regular courses, they can be very suitable for candidates who cannot afford to join traditional college classes due to various personal reasons.


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