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Secretarial Careers

Career Description

Secretarial Careers

Secretaries perform a number of office tasks such as scheduling appointments, organizing paper and electronic files, answering or routing phone calls, faxing and greeting clients. These professionals may also serve as information and communication executives for an office. Planning and scheduling meetings, negotiating with vendors and purchasing supplies are some other duties that they may perform.

Career Outlook

Employment for secretarial careers is expected to increase by 10% in the future. Students can, therefore, readily find a job once they complete their education and training in this field and earn competitive wages. On average, secretaries can earn from $18,000 to $42,000 on an annual basis. These professionals serve in a number of settings such as colleges, schools, employment services, medial settings and more.

Educational Requirements

The minimum qualification for secretarial careers is a high school diploma. With this qualification, you can expect to be hired into entry level secretarial positions. Completing a program in office administration offered by business and vocational-technical schools and community colleges can help you find more rewarding jobs in this field. In these programs you will learn various skills like computer and office skills. You may also study office procedures, typing, computer applications, bookkeeping, office management, public speaking, office relations and customer service as part of these training programs. If you want to become a legal or medical secretary, you will also need some experience in these respective fields. A certificate or a two year degree program may prove to be beneficial, but larger firms seek to hire secretaries with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Online Programs

Online programs are also available for students who want to pursue secretarial careers. They can enroll in a certificate or a degree program online and study at their own schedule. Because of the flexibility of these programs, they can be very useful for people who cannot afford to make major changes in their existing routine. These programs are more affordable than regular courses in this field and also help save the cost of travelling.

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