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Intelligence Officer Career

Career Description

Intelligence Officer Career

You can find an intelligence officer career in various departments including the police, customs agencies, military and civilian intelligence agencies. Intelligence agencies may operate on foreign and domestic grounds. In the US, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an example of a foreign intelligence agency while the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) serves as a domestic intelligence agency. The FBI may explore cases of terrorism, espionage and organized crime. The number of intelligence officers has increased considerably following the tragic events of September 2001 in order to safeguard national security. Intelligence officers need to be up to date with the changing trends and requirements of their profession in order to keep up with the security threats the country currently faces.

Job Duties

Intelligence officers have various responsibilities according to the agency they are working with and their particular position in the agency. Some of these responsibilities may include:

  • Collecting, assembling and analyzing intelligence – this allows them to identify antagonistic and aggressive groups or individuals and gauge their intentions;
  • Planning counter actions to prevent hazardous activities of such parties; and
  • Carrying out missions to curtail the actions of groups and individuals who are hostile to the nation and endanger its security.

Education Requirements

Intelligence officers need to be highly qualified. For most positions, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required. Such degrees can now be earned from online accredited institutes. Some of the various benefits of enrolling into an online intelligence related course are that student can study from the comfort of his/her home and at the time that suits him/her. Furthermore, the variety of courses available online are more than the courses offered on-campus. Online courses may also be cheaper in terms of overall cost.

Intelligence officers may have to undergo extensive training after been shortlisted for a job. They are also thoroughly screened for suitability to the national interest.

Career outlook

The intelligence officer career has been growing extensively for the past many years and observing trends may show that it will continue to grow, especially as technology and globalization are making threats to the nation more creative and immense.

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