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Journalism career

Career Description

Journalism Career Details

Many people may find a journalism career to be a challenging and attractive career choice. Journalists collect information and share it with the public through broadcast or print media. Some careers in this field include those of:

  • Copywriters;
  • News anchors;
  • Newspaper reporters;
  • Public relation agents;
  • Editors; and
  • Writers and columnists.

Most entry-level jobs in this field of work demand at least a bachelor's degree in Journalism or Mass Communications. Professional experience is of great importance in this field of work; therefore it is highly advisable for students of this field to pick up internships with print and electronic media during their degree program.

For their bachelor’s degree, students may choose to focus on certain specializations such as emerging media, science and health journalism and photojournalism. Students are also encouraged to study courses related to news reporting and ethics. According to the Society of Professional Journalists, students should also consider taking electives in Accounting, Law, Government and Business Studies for a firmer grasp and understanding of the world events they will probably be reporting on.

A master's degree program is more about investigative journalism, research, theory and leadership. However, in view of how rapidly the scope of journalism is growing, colleges are now adding courses like investigative reporting, public policy and online journalism to their curricula. Many schools also cover topics like reporting on religions, national security and quantitative research methodology.

Some colleges and universities offer a joint five year Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program that covers all topics in great depth and qualifies students to take up a challenging career.

Journalism Career Responsibilities

A journalism career does not just pertain to sitting at a desk and writing. During the course of their day, journalists attend events, observe fast developing political situations, interview people of importance or simply just report on what is going on in their specific area of responsibilities. Work hours are mostly irregular and extremely tight deadlines are a norm in this career. 

Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), journalism jobs may decline a little between 2008 and 2018. However, this does not mean that new avenues would not open up in newly established fields such as online journalism.


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