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Management Analyst Career

Career Description

A Management Analyst conducts organizational studies and evaluations, designs systems and procedures, conducts work simplifications and measurement studies, and prepares operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively.

Common Work Tasks

  • Collect, review, and analyze information in order to make recommendations to managers
  • Define the nature and extent of the problem needing to be solved
  • Analyze relevant data—including revenues,  employment, or expenditures—and interview managers and employees while observing their operations
  • Develop solutions to the problem by taking into account the nature of the organization, the relationship it has with others in the industry, and its internal organization and culture
  • Building and solving mathematical models
  • Report findings and recommendations to clients
  • Manage contracts for a wide range of goods and services to ensure quality performance and to prevent cost overruns
  • Impress potential clients to get and keep clients for the company
  • Confer with personnel concerned to ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems or procedures
  • Plan study of work problems and procedures, such as organizational change, communications, information flow, integrated production methods, inventory control, or cost analysis

Other Job Titles

Management Analysts are also known by other titles,  including:

  • Management Consultant
  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Operations Research Analyst

Education,  Training, and Experience

Education and Training
Educational requirements for entry-level jobs in this field vary between private industry and government. Many employers in private industry generally seek individuals with a master’s degree in business administration or a related discipline. Some employers also require additional years of experience in the field or industry in which the worker plans to consult. Other firms hire workers with a bachelor’s degree as research analysts or associates and promote them to consultants after several years. Some government agencies require experience, graduate education,  or both, but many also hire people with a bachelor’s degree and little work experience for entry-level management analyst positions.

Certification and Licensure
The Institute of Management Consultants USA, Inc. offers the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation to those who meet minimum levels of education and experience, submit client reviews, and pass an interview and exam covering the IMC USA’s Code of Ethics. Management consultants with a CMC designation must be recertified every 3 years. Certification is not mandatory for management consultants, but it may give a jobseeker a competitive advantage.

Management analysts often work with minimal supervision, so they need to be self-motivated and disciplined. Analytical skills, the ability to get along with a wide range of people, strong oral and written communication skills, good judgment,  time-management skills, and creativity are other desirable qualities. The ability to work in teams also is an important attribute as consulting teams become more common.


The median annual salary of a Management Analyst is $71,000. The top 10 percent earn more than $131,000 annually, and the bottom 10 percent earn less than $41,000 annually. Median earnings in the industries employing the largest number of management analysts are:

  • Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services - $94,610
  • Federal Executive Branch - $76,460
  • State Government - $55,570
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises - $78,110
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services - $86,660

Job Outlook

  • 2006-2016 Employment growth:  22%
  • Number of new jobs created 2006-2016: 149,000
  • Employment 2006 : 678,000
  • Employment 2016:  827,000
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