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Industrial-Organizational Psychologists

Career Description

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Career Information
Before making a decision to pursue this field, students are encouraged to review all industrial-organizational psychologist career information available to them. Industrial-organizational psychologists are professionals who apply principles of psychology in the workplace in order to improve productivity. They also plan policies, screen employees and train them. These professionals may also work with the management to rearrange the work place in order to boost work efficiency. Industrial-organizational psychologists may also be required to conduct research on marketing strategies and management. Another important duty of these professionals is to observe and interview employees to help find candidates that fulfill the mental, physical, and educational requirements of jobs.

Career Prospects

Career outlook for Industrial-Organizational psychologists is very bright. This is why pursuing a career in this field can lead students to highly rewarding job opportunities. They can opt to work in management, scientific, and technical consulting services or scientific research and development services. Jobs are also available in colleges, universities, and professional schools. They can earn about $39,000 to $136,000 on an annual basis.

Educational Requirements

A master’s degree, often with a specialization in industrial and organizational psychology, can help you get into this field. But a doctoral degree can lead you to most rewarding and diverse opportunities. Earning a Ph.D. or Doctor of Psychology degree can help you work in various fields like counseling, teaching and research positions. You can choose to serve in educational institutes, health care services, private industry or government.
The curriculum may include courses like Psychology and Techniques of Leadership, Organizational Structure and Hiring and more. Students in these programs also learn how to apply psychological principles in business settings.  Statistical Analyses and Research Methodologies are other topics that you may study in these programs.

Online Programs

If you want to become an industrial-organizational psychologist but cannot attend regular classes, you may want to look at online courses available to you. These programs allow you to attend classes and submit assignments on the web. You can study at timings that suit your personal routine and earn a degree which can help you start your industrial-organizational psychologist career.

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