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Soil And Plant Science Careers

Career Description

Soil and Plant Science Careers
Soil and plant science careers are meant for people who like research, analysis and problem solving. Professionals in the field basically research to study and come up with optimum soil conditions and plant species or genotypes which give maximum yield according to the local environmental conditions. With an expertise on the best agricultural practices, professionals may also work in the capacity of consultants for the government or private companies with an interest in agriculture or horticulture. Among a lot more, some other job titles which you can expect to come across in soil and plant science careers include:

·  Crop production specialist
·  Crop consultant
·  Soil conservationist
·  Conservation planner
·  Environmental technician

Other than these, people may opt for landscaping jobs and farming (organic farming is an especially upcoming field).

Qualification required for Soil and Plant Science Careers:

Since the field is so wide, qualifications required also vary from job to job. Most jobs require a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline like agronomy, biochemistry and environmental sciences. However, positions in advanced research and teaching usually require a PhD. People looking to pursue soil and plant science careers also need a sound knowledge of statistics and research methodology owing to the nature of most jobs.

Certification, though not compulsory, improves job outlook and earnings. Crop advisors and agronomists are certified by The American Society of Agronomy (ASA) while soil scientists and soil classifiers obtain certification from The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA). Each certification has different requirements and professionals must earn requisite continuing education units to maintain their certification.


Industries which offer the most soil and plant science careers include:

·  Research and Development Services
·  Education (Colleges and Universities)
·  Technical and Scientific Consulting Services
·  Agricultural chemical Manufacturing

Career Outlook:

As farmers are looking for ways to boost production in demand to the increasing world population and as consumers are becoming more aware of health effects of the food they consume, soil and plant science careers are projected to grow. Concerns about climate change and environmental damage to land will also result in a growth in this field as research into best practices picks up pace.


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