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Database Administrator Career

Career Description

Database Administrator Career

A database administrator career involves incorporating maintenance and management of various database software functions. It is a major branch of information technology and has become a leading specialization area in the field. Increasing the use of technology in the modern era encourages the use of databases in organizations, directly impacting the demand for skilled administrators. These are professionals who have a thorough understanding of managing database software and other related products.

Database Administration Degree Programs

Database administration is a recognized academic field that can be opted for at all major levels of higher education. The most common degree programs available in this field include Associate Degrees in Database Administration, Bachelor Degrees in Database Administration, and Master Degrees in Database Administration. There are also a number of short courses and certificate programs offered by IT colleges and vocational schools. The main objective of these qualifications is to prepare students for the role of professional administrators.
Students enrolled in such programs will encounter a range of topics that cover all basic and advanced aspects of the field. Some of the important subjects include Operating Systems, Networking and Client Server Administration, XML, Network Security, and Relational Database. Apart from these fundamental courses, students will also learn how to manage applications, organize information, retrieve data, troubleshoot issues, implement database requirements, and design databases.
Database administration degree programs also include practical courses that are geared towards equipping students with skills and technical knowhow of the field. An administrator will be expected to reflect technical expertise, communication skills, problem solving skills, and analytical skills in the professional world.

Job Specifications and Income Level

Numerous technology firms and government agencies hire database administrators for their services. The most common job duties that an administrator is expected to perform include managing databases, installing and configuring databases, designing and implementing database requirements, tuning and monitoring performance, maintaining backup and troubleshooting, recovering data, and documentation. The job duties may vary from organization to organization,
When it comes to monetary benefits of a database administrator career, these professionals can make an entry level income of approximately $40,000 per year. This figure can rise with more experience on the job.


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