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Content Area Literacy

In this course teachers will learn how instruction in content literacy enhances student learning in the content areas. By exploring recent research studies in teaching methods and teaching materials they will learn to improve individual student learning achievement in content area subjects.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Use the body of research related to content area reading and be able to determine the impact that research has on their particular instructional situation.
  2. Develop a repertoire of pre-reading, during reading and post reading teaching strategies that can be used to enhance thinking and learning skills within their particular learning situation.
  3. Know the contextual aspects of teaching content literacy (reading) skills in the classroom and be able to modify instructional and supplemental materials to meet individual learning needs.
  4. Know how assessment is used to determine individual student performance in the content areas. Know the various approaches to assessment.
  5. Know how diverse levels of reading ability affect student performance within a discipline and know how to develop strategies to meet those needs.
  6. Increase their knowledge of multi-cultural/ethnic, gender issues and materials; and understand how these issues and knowledge of teaching materials can impact literacy skill development in their particular content area.
  7. Understand how communication within their discipline, and communication across disciplines, is influenced by specialized vocabulary and various ways of knowing.
  8. Be able to evaluate instructional materials for readability, interest, and friendliness of format.
  9. Use strategies, which involve colleagues, parents and community agencies in meeting the special needs of learners within a classroom setting.
  10. Know how technology can be used to individualize instruction and enhance content area literacy development.
  11. Design and plan instructional lessons that utilize various instructional strategies that support comprehension and vocabulary development.
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