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What’s the Deal with Nursing Degrees?

PhotoDid you know that nursing is one of the most popular majors on college campuses? With so many programs available and such high demand from employers, it’s no wonder that students decide on a nursing degree.

You’re probably wondering what types of companies need so many people with nursing degrees. The truth is that there is a severe shortage of nurses, and every organization that employs nurses needs more. This includes hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, and schools.

On average, people who obtain a nursing degree start out earning between $30,000 and $45,000 per year, plus benefits. The opportunities in the field are also increasing, with hiring of nursing school grads expected to rise 23% over the next eight years.

Most colleges and universities offer degree programs in nursing, which reflects its popularity. The most common career tracks in nursing are Associate of Arts in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Master of Science in Nursing.

An online nursing degree will provide you with the training and knowledge necessary for working in any healthcare environment. While each school’s curriculum is different, most nursing degree programs include courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, Microbiology, Nutrition, and Pharmacology. These courses are designed to give you the knowledge needed to be successful in the nursing field.

Some schools also give you the freedom to choose your own curriculum. This means that you can decide which areas of nursing you want to gain expertise in, such as Health Care Education, Leadership and Management, and Nurse Midwifery. The ability to design your own curriculum gives you a unique educational background that allows you to stand out from the competition and attracts potential employers.

Many schools also offer complete online nursing degrees for people who are continuing their education from another location, or for people in the workforce who cannot attend regular classroom sessions. Online nursing degree programs can be completed in two to three years and are designed to be cost effective and to fit a busy schedule, with little to no time spent in a classroom.

Online master’s degree programs in nursing are also increasing. One of the most popular online degrees is a Master of Science in Nursing. People who already have their nursing degrees are getting their master’s degrees on the web because of the ability to attend classes entirely online while maintaining a full time job.

Now you’re probably wondering what type of person would be successful with an online nursing degree. Most people who work in a nursing environment deal with other medical personnel and patients on a daily basis, therefore people skills are a must. They must also possess problem solving skills, listening skills, confidence, and reliability in order to be successful.

With the healthcare industry growing at such a rapid pace, the need for people with nursing degrees increases every day. With the number of opportunities available, the popularity of online nursing degrees will likely increase as well.

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