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What is the Difference Between a M.A., M.S., and M.Ed. Degree?

What is the Difference Between a M.A., M.s., and M.Ed. Degree?If you want the option of career advancement in the world of education, then an advanced education degree is a must. There are many options that fit a busy schedule, and some of these online education degrees can be completed in two years or less. Before you decide which advanced online education degree to pursue, you should understand the differences between them.

A Master of Education degree, or M.Ed., is a graduate degree for people who want to eventually move into administrative positions. This degree often includes three majors: curriculum and instruction, counseling, and administration. In most states a M.Ed. is required for administrative positions, such as principal or vice-principal. In some states, such as Massachusetts and New York, this degree is required for classroom instruction.

A Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction is an education degree that advances the knowledge and practice of teaching and learning. Courses in this subject focus on teaching, public service, and scholarship. Often, students at this level will have to participate in educational research. A Master of Education in Counseling is typically sought after by students who want to become mental health professionals, such as school counselors. A Master of Education in Educational Administration is the online education degree that most people who want to become school administrators get. Courses in this subject include educational law, community issues, and faculty leadership.

A Master of Arts in Education degree is a flexible degree, allowing the person pursuing it to specialize in several different areas. Many students who wish to remain in the classroom after getting their Master of Arts in education degrees typically specialize in fields like elementary education, secondary education, and special education. Those who want to become administrators usually specialize in technology, counseling, or educational leadership. Either way, a Master of Arts in Education degree can help you increase your income considerably and help you stand out from other teachers who do not have this degree.

A Master of Science in Education degree offers a more scientific approach to the study of education. The coursework for this degree includes topics such as statistics, instructional technology, and educational evaluation and measurement. Most people who have their Master of Science in Education work in research instead of the classroom. They go on to careers in government and private organizations, studying student performance and supervising technological advances in the classroom.

Regardless of the advanced online education degree you wish to pursue, it is important to understand that advanced education degrees are essential in the marketplace. Teachers with their master’s degrees are preferred over those with a bachelor’s degree, and having that advantage could possibly get you the job over another candidate. These programs can be completed in less than two years, making them a practical option for anyone who wants to get their eduction degrees in a short amount of time.

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