Students in Tennessee, Virginia will be able to earn qualifications online

posted on Tuesday, Dec 13 2011

Students will soon be able to transfer credits from various institutions in Tennessee and Virginia to earn their degrees online thanks to a new partnership arrangement offered by King College, according to university officials.

Students in East Tennessee and certain regions of southwest Virginia can transfer their credits to earn their qualifications through a range of online education courses offered by the King College Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) program. The new initiative will allow students with fewer than 60 credit hours to enroll in one of King College’s more than 60 online masters degree programs.

“We are excited to offer the quality of a King College degree through an online format,” Micah Crews, associate vice president of enrollment management GPS and online studies, said in a statement. “Our GPS program is tailored to reduce the challenges facing the adult learner. Time and access is often a barrier for students to finish their degrees.”

Online education is one way that non-traditional students can earn their qualifications without sacrificing work or family commitments. According to recent data from the Sloan Consortium, more than 6.1 million students were enrolled in online bachelors and masters degree programs in September, an increase of 560,000 from the previous year.


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