Bryant and Stratton College to hold virtual open house for prospective students

posted on Friday, Oct 07 2011

Bryant & Stratton College, one of the leading online colleges in New York, will hold a virtual open house to allow potential prospective students to learn more about how they can earn their bachelor’s degree online.

Admissions representatives will be available to answer questions about the enrollment process, and general advisors will be taking questions via webchat from prospective students. Bryant & Stratton College currently offers five online bachelor‘s degree programs in subject areas including financial services, criminal justice, information technology, human resources and business. The college also offers 11 online associate‘s degree programs.

"An online program can be an option for those who need to balance a job or family responsibilities with earning their degree or for those simply looking for a flexible course schedule," Scott Traylor, associate campus director for online education at the college, said in a statement. "We have received positive feedback from attendees at past Virtual Open Houses who feel the events are an easy and convenient way to explore the degree programs we offer and ask questions about how online education works."

Online learning is not just a convenient way for students to earn their degree online. Distance learning via the internet is also a lucrative business opportunity for educational establishments. According to Inside Higher Education, 75 percent of public universities stated that online education is the best method for them to increase revenues and reduce costs.

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