Mississippi university planning online expansion

posted on Friday, Oct 07 2011

William Carey University (WCU) in Mississippi is planning to expand its range of online bachelor‘s degree courses, according to ABC News.

The university plans to introduce the first completely online bachelor’s degree program offered by William Carey from its Tradition campus in Harrison County. University officials are still discussing which specific subject areas will be offered as part of the new online learning initiative. School officials say that they realize that online education is becoming increasingly popular, and that they want to enable students to advance their careers by earning their bachelor’s degree online.

"It’s what students want now. More and more students would like to have on online opportunity so they can study from home, and it’s a lot more easier for them," Jerry Bracey, dean of the university’s Tradition campus, told the news outlet. "William Carey wants to provide educational opportunities to the coast and this community. We want to find out what the needs are, and then meet those needs."

The decision by WCU officials to provide students with online bachelor’s degree programs is indicative of wider trends in online education. According to data published in the Sloan Survey of Online Learning, applications to online degree programs grew by more than 21 percent in the 2010 academic year, as opposed to the 2 percent increase in applications to traditional programs taught on-campus.

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