New insurance options for students of higher education offered through Sallie Mae

posted on Tuesday, Aug 02 2011

Sallie Mae recently announced that with the help of Next Generation Insurance Group the company will offer new products and services to college students in America through Sallie Mae Insurance Services.

Products that will now be made available to the nation's nearly 20 million college students include renters insurance, ID theft protection, student health insurance and college tuition insurance. Sallie Mae says these services will allow the company to better meet the insurance needs of the average college student.

The president and chief operating officer of Sallie Mae, Jack Remondi, stated that "these new insurance products will help students and families protect their investment in higher education."

Another student protection service the company offers is the Smart Option Student Loan, which was designed in 2009 to allow students to graduate with less debt. The loan provider has taken similar steps to cater to the unique needs of students in the past. For example, Sallie Mae was the first lender to forgive cosigners if the primary borrower becomes deceased or permanently disabled, according to the company. 

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