Online classes proving more popular at UW-Green Bay

posted on Wednesday, Oct 05 2011

The online certificate programs and bachelor’s degrees offered through the Adult Degree Program at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) have increased in popularity, according to the university’s student newspaper, The Fourth Estate.

Designed to cater to working adults and professionals who wish to improve their employment prospects through continued education, the Adult Degree Program currently has more than 800 students enrolled in various degrees and online certificate programs. Online classes offered through the program are around $100 cheaper than their on-campus equivalents, according to university officials.

"Students I’ve spoken to say it takes some extra drive to go online, check emails and participate in discussion boards," said Darrel Renier, associate director of academic advising, told the news source. Zachary Voelz, director of the Adult Degree Program, said that professors and lecturers ensure that the course content is the same as the traditional classroom-based curricula.

Education officials at UWGB are examining ways of providing tuition to more students by blending online and on-campus classes for some degree programs. According to the Department of Education, students who undertake a course of study that combines online learning with classroom-based tuition perform more highly than students who attend solely on-campus classes.

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